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The main difference lies in the protective effect. Surgical mask is also what we often call disposable masks, generally used for about 4 hours; and surgical masks have better protective effects and are mostly used in environments such as operating rooms. Medical surgical masks have strong resistance to bacteria and viruses. In daily life, they can be used to prevent the spread of influenza, respiratory system and other infectious diseases, and can also prevent patients from infecting the virus to others; disposable masks have no resistance to viruses So strong.


There are several kinds of medical masks

 1. It is a common disposable surgical mask. To put it simply, it is also the most common surgical mask, and its protective ability is naturally not as good as the other two. The mask does not have any standard words on it, and it is only used in ordinary medical environments. For example, in an outpatient clinic, if a doctor usually does not meet a special patient or is in a special place, and does not belong to a special department, the one-time general surgical mask he wears when he sees the patient.

 2. Medical surgical masks. In fact, the biggest difference between this and ordinary disposable surgical mask is that it has better sealing performance, better for preventing aerosol bacteria, and also anti-permeability. There are stricter particle filtration regulations, which must be ≥30%! Like a doctor After entering the operating room, there is a risk of respiratory infection. During surgery or dressing changes, the patient's blood and body fluids are likely to be splashed. At this time, you need to wear this medical surgical mask!

3. Medical protective mask. This is a surgical mask with the highest level of protection. For example, SARS, highly pathogenic avian flu, plague, etc. must also be worn with this mask, which can basically reach the level of N95. At the same time, even particles as small as smog can be blocked!


How to choose a mask correctly

At present, the common masks on the market can be divided into 3 categories: # Medical Surgical Mask#, medical protective masks (N95 masks) and ordinary cotton gauze masks. Among them, medical surgical masks can block 70% of bacteria, and N95 masks can block 95% of bacteria. Cotton gauze masks can only block 36% of bacteria, so it is recommended to choose the first two masks. If you are going to public places and not in contact with patients, it is sufficient to wear a medical surgical mask, without excessive protection, but if you are in contact with patients, you must wear a bio-resistant N95 mask.

Link for reference: https://instrktiv.com/en/blog/law-and-legislation/user-manual-face-mask/

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