Third vaccine jab will boost defense: China Daily editorial

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In the protracted war against the COVID-19 pandemic, prevention and control measures, such as social distancing, wearing a mask in public, abstaining from any form of gathering if not absolutely necessary, and frequently and thoroughly washing hands, comprise an essential line of defense that should not be neglected just because the virus seems remote.

But another very important line of defense is the vaccination of residents. Some provinces have now started administering shots to children between the ages of 3 and 11.

There are still a few people who have not had their first two jabs for various reasons, if any of them now wish to receive them, vaccinations should be organized for them.

At the same time, it is absolutely necessary for residents, more than 1 billion of whom have had their first two vaccine jabs, to get a third jab, as a third dose has proved effective in helping to combat the virus.

The repeated emergence of clusters of novel coronavirus infections in the country has highlighted that the fight against the virus will be a protracted one. No one can tell when the latest spread of infections, the first of which was reported on Oct 17, will be completely stopped and whether there will be a resurgence of infections afterward.

In the past 10 days, nearly 200 local cases have been reported across 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. It will possibly be weeks before all who have been infected with the virus in this wave can be identified.

As such, the government is calling on and arranging for residents to have a third vaccine shot six months after receiving their first two jabs, as the antibodies produced after the first two jabs gradually subside in strength after six months.

China's vaccines have proved effective and safe. Those who have been vaccinated can be prevented from developing serious conditions even if they are infected with the virus. This has proved to be the case clinically.

But with the virus still spreading, local governments must exercise caution in organizing the inoculations, whether first, second or third. Social distancing must be strictly observed at the vaccination sites to ensure that no one gets the virus in the process of receiving a jab.

This wave of infections will be brought under control at some point. And with further expanded vaccination coverage and an increasing number of residents having their third jabs, if all residents strictly observe control and prevention measures, it will not be difficult for the country to prevent a large scale epidemic from breaking out.

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