Jinnan efforts to curb virus spread include mass nucleic acid testing

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The Jinnan district of Tianjin has made every effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, as well as guarantee enough daily supply of necessities for residents under quarantine, according to a news conference of local authorities on Wednesday.

The district authorities have introduced effective measures, including mass nucleic acid testing and screening and the lockdown of COVID-related communities for strict management, said Chen Yanhui, deputy head of the district.

As of Jan 12, a total of 1.3 million of people were sampled in the testing drive. A second round of district-wide mass nucleic tests is underway, Chen said.

Ensuring that local markets have an abundant daily supply of necessities at stable prices is another focus of the Jinnan government. Thirty-eight supply-guarantee enterprises in the district have secured more than 3,200 tons of daily necessities to ensure the daily needs of residents.

Emergency hotlines arranged by local authorities have helped address residents' concerns. Over 7,000 emergencies such as facilitates and diseases have been reported.

The district also provides accurate and effective services to more than 20,000 teachers and students in Nankai and Tianjin universities to ensure an orderly life on campus. It has collected donations of more than 800,000 yuan ($125, 000) worth of anti-epidemic materials such as medical masks, marching beds, and mineral water for colleges and universities. On-campus hotels have provided more than 600 beds for frontline workers for free.

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