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Is the gray disposable mask medical?


may be. The gray disposable mask may be a medical mask, but it may not be. The color of the mask is not a means of judging the protection level of the disposable mask.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of masks on the market. Merchants have changed the color of the masks according to the needs of consumers. Therefore, there will be gray disposable masks on the market, and regular merchants will usually make the outer packaging of the masks. The label of the medical shell mask is marked on the package to distinguish between medical masks and life masks, so if you need to judge whether the gray disposable mask is a medical mask or not, just look at the package.


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However, there are also fake medical masks on the market, so you can look at the masks at this time. Regular disposable medical masks are composed of inner, middle and outer layers. If the gray disposable mask does not meet the basic conditions of the three layers They are all fake. The second is the touch material. The inner layer of the mask is made of skin-friendly material, which is softer, the middle layer is the isolation filter layer, and the outer layer is made of special materials.


Are gray disposable masks safe?


Has a certain degree of security.


Grey disposable masks have a certain degree of safety, especially masks that indicate that there are medical surgical masks. General medical surgical masks can protect 70% of the virus, and have a good effect on the protection of droplet transmission, so Grey disposable medical masks are safe and suitable for wearing in special periods or special environments.


Even if the gray disposable mask does not meet the medical mask standard, it is an ordinary protective mask. It is also safe in itself. It can prevent the spread of droplets, air and other respiratory channels, but the effect will not be so good, and It needs to be replaced regularly.


Can gray disposable masks protect against viruses?


Can. Gray disposable masks can be used to prevent viruses in environments where the virus concentration is not high. Whether it is a medical mask or a medical mask, it has a protective effect, but the protection effect is good or bad. If the protective effect of the gray disposable mask is not very high in an environment with a relatively high virus concentration, it is better to use a medical protective mask in this case, which can achieve a 95% protection effect.



Are there other colors for medical masks?




The colors of medical masks are various, generally blue, pink, white, and black. The colors of medical masks are all made according to the needs of the market, but the material of the middle layer is dyed into the required color, whether it is Masks of any color have the same protective effect as ordinary medical masks.


Moreover, the different colors of medical masks can bring different effects. For example, blue masks can be used in hospitals to relieve the nervousness of patients; pink masks can be used in obstetrics and gynecology, which can bring a warm feeling and relieve the mood of patients. , So the color of medical masks is also beneficial.

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