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Recently, due to the outbreak of the epidemic in some countries or the mutation of the virus, for safety, it is generally recommended to wear a mask when going out, but it is difficult to distinguish the front and back of some masks, so how to distinguish the front and back of masks? Can activated carbon masks protect against viruses?


How to distinguish the front and back of masks toward the inside. 2. Some masks are individually packaged, so after opening the package, the front and back sides can be distinguished by creases. Usually, the upward side of the creases is facing inward, and the downward side of the creases is facing outwards. 3. The front and back of the mask can also be distinguished according to the degree of smoothness. Generally, the outer surface of the mask has the function of blocking water, which is mostly smooth. The inner layer is mostly made of materials with good air permeability, which are close to the skin, which is conducive to maintaining smooth breathing, and the material is delicate. , the veneer is comfortable, and the inner layer is less smooth than the outer layer. The smoother material of the mask faces outwards and the softer faces inwards.


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Can activated carbon masks protect against viruses? 2 No. The main function of activated carbon is to block harmful gases and particulate matter in the air, but it cannot effectively block droplets and cannot prevent and control virus infection. The role of infection, and secondly, cotton masks and paper masks in life cannot achieve the effect of preventing viruses. At present, the masks with virus prevention and control functions on the market mainly include disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, N95 masks, etc. Generally, disposable medical masks can be used in daily life.


How to test whether masks are qualified 3 There are mainly the following methods: Look at the packaging and labels: Generally qualified protective masks, the information on the outer packaging is very helpful to distinguish the authenticity of the masks. Look at the material: After buying the mask home, you can cut the mask with scissors to disassemble it to determine whether there is a meltblown cloth. If so, the mask is real. Look at the transmittance: The meltblown cloth in the qualified masks has a dense structure and is almost opaque, while many fake masks without meltblown cloth have high transmittance.


How to wear a mask correctly 4 1. Generally, before wearing a mask, you should first wash your hands, and then distinguish the front and back of the mask and the upper and lower sides. 2. Usually the dark side of the mask is the outer side, the light side is the inner side, and the one with the turbinate metal strip is the top of the mask. 3. When wearing a mask, the dark side should be facing out, and the metal strip with the turbinate should be facing up. 4. Then open the folds up and down so that the mask covers the mouth, nose and jaw. 5. After that, press the fingertips along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose and slowly press inward from the middle to both sides until it is close to the bridge of the nose. 6. Finally, adjust the mask appropriately so that the periphery of the mask can fully fit the face.

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