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During the epidemic, masks are essential daily necessities for going out, which can effectively help prevent viral infections. However, many people cannot distinguish the front and back of masks well, so how do masks distinguish between the front and the back? What happens if the mask is worn reversely?


How to distinguish the front and back of a mask

 There are mainly the following ways to distinguish: Color distinction. Careful observation will reveal that no matter what color the mask is, there is a certain difference between the front and back colors. For example, a blue medical mask has blue on the front and blue on the back. Light white, generally the front is facing outwards and the reverse is facing inwards. Printing distinction Some medical masks will have a logo, that is, a print. Such masks are easier to distinguish between the front and the back. Generally, the front and the back are printed on the outside, and the back is on the back. Differentiation of folds Masks are all wrinkled. Generally, pick up the mask to observe. If the folds are facing down, then it is the front side, and the face of the mask facing down is the back side. Differentiation of metal strips Because the mask needs to have a certain degree of support, there will be a certain amount of small metal hanging on the nose, that is to say, the metal side of the mask is on the upper side, which needs to be hung on the nose; secondly, the material of the reverse side is compared Soft and will not irritate human skin.


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What happens if you wear the mask reversely


 Mainly have the following effects. Many people in life feel that wearing a mask reversed is not a problem, and there is no need to worry, but in fact, wearing a mask reversed to a medical mask is a problem, which will cause the mask to fail to protect and increase the possibility of respiratory tract infections. The main reason is that masks are generally divided into inner layer, middle layer, and outer layer. The material of each layer of mask is different. Generally, the outer layer is made of waterproof material, the inner layer is made of filtering and isolating material, and the inner layer is skin-friendly. The skin-friendly material with the reversed outer layer can not provide protection, so it will slowly penetrate in, and the mask loses its protective effect. Secondly, wearing a mask will make the human body feel that breathing is not smooth, that is, airtight and uncomfortable, because the outer material is not water-absorbing, and the water exhaled by the person will condense, which may cause respiratory diseases.


White disposable mask with rope facing in or out


 Outward facing. Generally, white disposable mask ropes are designed to face outwards, because the outward-facing design is convenient to wear, and will not cause hand stains to infect the inside of the mask during wearing, which will affect the protective effect of the mask; secondly, the mask rope is relatively rough and long. Wearing it over time can cause damage to human facial skin and cause allergies such as redness and rash on human skin. Therefore, the rope of white disposable masks is generally outside. Tips: In almost all masks on the market, the rope is designed on the outside of the mask, which is easier to distinguish.


How to wear a mask is correct


 1. Straighten the mask first. 2. Then distinguish the front and back of the mask, with the light color facing inward and toward the face. 3. Move the side with the metal strip upwards, pull your hands flat and push it toward your face, and put the ear straps on your ears. 4. Afterwards, adjust the arc of the metal strip to make the mask fit perfectly with the bridge of the nose. 5. Pull up and down the edge of the mask with both hands, adjust your hands along the edge of the mask to ensure that the mask fits the face completely without leaving any gaps. Tips: When wearing a mask, please wash your hands and keep your hands clean before wearing, and avoid touching the inside of the mask; in principle, the mask needs to be replaced every 4-6 hours, and if it is damaged or contaminated, replace it at any time.

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