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Recently, there is a shortage of masks, and gauze masks have to be used twice to meet the demand. However, gauze masks need to be disinfected before repeated use. Many people don’t know how to disinfect gauze masks. Let’s teach you the correct disinfection method for gauze masks. Learn to learn.


How to disinfect gauze masks 1 1. Rub the gauze masks gently with warm water and soap first, and don't use too much force to avoid damage and loss of protection. 2. Then wash it with clean water. 3. Soak the cleaned gauze mask in 2% peracetic acid solution for 30 minutes. 4. Or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes. 5. Finally, let it dry and fold it into a clean envelope. Fold the mask close to the nose and mouth side inward for later use. Be careful not to put it in your pocket or place it in a dirty place.


Can gauze masks be disinfected with alcohol? 2 Yes. The gauze mask itself is not waterproof, it can be disinfected with alcohol, and it will not damage the performance of the mask, and it can also play a role in sterilization. Generally, the use of alcohol to disinfect the gauze mask requires 75% concentration of medical alcohol to effectively inactivate the virus, usually Use a small watering can to spray disinfection, and then dry it, but the disinfection effect is not as good as the above-mentioned disinfection method.


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How often does the gauze mask be replaced? 3 The gauze mask is generally replaced with a new one after cleaning 3 to 7 times. If you buy a gauze mask of particularly good quality, you can wash it 10 times according to the situation. However, if it is a gauze mask with an activated carbon mask, you should pay attention to regularly replacing the activated carbon interlayer. If the gauze mask is wetted by the exhaled heat or saliva, it will The effect of blocking germs will be greatly reduced. Usually, it is best to prepare a few more gauze masks for replacement. They should be changed and washed once a day. In addition, before using it again, take care of it in front of the lamp to see if the gauze mask has obvious light spots, and whether the light transmittance of the middle part and the edge part is the same. If the mask is intact, you can use it. If there is a problem, replace it with a new one. Use gauze masks.


Can a gauze mask block droplets? 4 No. Gauze masks are absorbent, not waterproof, and cannot block droplets, body fluids, pollutants, etc. in the air. If the virus is spread by droplets, wearing a gauze mask will have no protective effect. It is recommended to wear a disposable medical mask. Surgical masks, N95 masks and other masks that can prevent the spread of droplets.

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