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The spread of new coronary pneumonia is part of the age. If children are not careful in their lives, they will also be infected. Therefore, children also need to wear masks in their lives. However, when you can't buy children's masks, how can the masks be changed to child masks? How do children wear masks?


How to change a mask to a child mask


Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended for children to wear an adult's mask, but if there is no alternative, then the adult's mask needs to be modified and then worn. The specific methods are as follows:


 1. Take out an adult mask first. 2. Fold the two sides along the line twice. 3. Then pinch the ropes that hang the ears together and press them tightly at the joints. 4. After that, tie the mask into a small knot with your fingers and tighten it, but don't pull it too hard. 5. Repeat the same steps on the left and right ends of the mask. 6. Finally, turn the mask from inside to inside to use.


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How children wear masks


1. First, the mask should be divided into front and back and upper and lower sides. The front side has a darker color, the darker side faces outward, and the back side has a lighter color toward the facial skin. There is a metal strip with a nose clip on the mask. 2. Then wash your hands. Wash your hands before wearing a mask, because the mask is relatively sterile. If you touch the mask with your dirty hands, the dirty stuff on your hands will stick to the inside of the mask and you will have a vaginal discharge. 3. After that, make sure that the light color of the mask is facing the face, the metal strip is close to the nose, and the rope of the mask is hung behind the ear or behind the buckle to cover the mouth and nostrils. 4. Finally, help children check whether the metal strip above the mask closely matches the bridge of the nose, check whether the mask covers the nose and mouth, and avoid air entering and exiting from both sides of the bridge of the nose.


 How long does a child wear a mask a day


It is recommended to wear it for 2-4 hours a day. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended for young children to wear masks for a long time, because the airtightness of the mask is relatively poor. Once the mask is put on, it will cause the child to breathe hard, appear stuffy, out of breath and other uncomfortable symptoms. A long period of time may also cause damage to the child’s respiratory system. Therefore, it is not recommended for children to wear a mask for a long time. Generally, it is recommended that children wear a mask for about 2-4 hours a day. Tips: During the epidemic, it is best to reduce the number of times that children go out, so as to better prevent infection and protect the health of the baby.


 It is not recommended for children of a few years to wear a mask


 Infants and children under 1 are not suitable to wear masks. Wearing masks too much will affect the child’s breathing. Not every child is suitable for wearing masks in life. Generally, infants and children under 1 year old are too young to express themselves. Feeling, it is easy to cause discomfort in children, but adults do not know about it. If suffocation occurs while wearing a mask, there is no ability to break free from the mask, so it is not suitable for wearing a mask. The suggestion can be changed to the following alternatives: 1. Try not to go out as much as possible. 2. Adults wear masks to reduce the possibility of the spread of germs. 3. If you occasionally go downstairs or go out, put on a mask for your baby and observe the baby's breathing, complexion, emotions, etc.; if you push the stroller downstairs, cover the stroller all the way.

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