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Can wearing a mask prevent smog?


Wearing a mask can prevent smog.


When wearing a mask, it can reduce the exposed area and filter the pollutants in the air, so it can prevent smog. However, wearing masks to prevent smog requires careful selection of masks. Not all masks have the effect of preventing smog.


What mask to wear to prevent smog


KN90 and KN95 masks.


If the mask has a filtering capacity of 90% for fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less, this type of mask is called a KN90 mask. If the filtering capacity reaches 95%, it is a KN95 mask. This kind of professional mask can effectively prevent haze and virus. Correspondingly, the breathability of this kind of mask is not good. If the breathing rate is too fast, it is easy to cause breathing difficulties.


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Use period: 40 hours to 1 month, not washable. Solemn reminder: KN90 and KN95 masks need to be worn under the guidance of professional physicians. Children, the elderly, and special populations suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases should choose carefully.


What kind of mask can't prevent smog


Gauze mask


Gauze masks can only filter larger dust particles, and are suitable for daily cleaning work.


Use period: one-time.


Reminder: gauze masks do not have the function of filtering PM2.5, so the use of gauze masks to prevent smog is invalid.


Medical masks


Medical masks refer to masks worn when the patient has a cold, fever, cough and other adverse respiratory symptoms. It can also be used as an anti-flu mask and used in crowded public places with poor ventilation.


Use period: one-time.


Reminder: Surgical masks do not have the function of preventing PM2.5 particles.


Activated carbon mask


Activated carbon mask can absorb organic gas and toxic dust, and adsorb toxic gas or acne on the surface. After the adsorption is saturated, toxic gas and acne will begin to be released. It has no bactericidal effect. It should be replaced immediately when it requires laborious breathing or cannot absorb peculiar smell. It is only suitable for Painting work or spraying pesticides.


Use period: one-time.


Reminder: Activated carbon masks do not have the function of preventing PM2.5 particles.


Do I still wear a mask to prevent smog indoors?


Also wear anti-smog indoors.


The habit of many people to wear a mask is to wear a mask outdoors, and remove the mask when they arrive indoors. However, the impact of haze on the environment will also pollute the indoor environment. If the indoor haze environment is not effectively improved, only wearing a mask during a short outdoor trip is of little significance to health.


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Precautions for wearing masks to prevent smog


1. Choose masks with protective functions such as n90 and n95.


2. The mask should be replaced in time. If the mask smells, you cannot continue to wear it.


3. If there are people with poor breathing, special attention should be paid when wearing masks. It is recommended to wear them under the guidance of a doctor.


4. The size of the mask should be selected appropriately, and the surrounding area of ​​the mask should be close to the skin, otherwise it will affect the effect.


5. The elderly and children are not recommended to wear masks. It is best to reduce going out in the haze weather. 6. In addition to wearing a mask, it is recommended to wear a hat, scarf, gloves, etc. to reduce the contact area with pollutants.

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