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It is not recommended to use the mask after it has expired. Masks are made through sterilization and disinfection procedures. Masks that are opened and exceed the shelf life are easily contaminated by bacteria or viruses during storage. Masks are directly in contact with the nose and mouth, which can easily bring bacteria or viruses into the human body. However, it will affect people's health.



Can the mask be used after it expires?


  Expired masks are not recommended


   Masks are sterilized and disinfected during the production process, so as to better protect our health. If the opened mask exceeds the shelf life, it is easy to be affected by the environment to produce bacteria, and the mask is in direct contact with our mouth and nose, which will increase the risk of bacterial or virus infection.


   Masks also have a shelf life


   Masks do not have a shelf life. Generally, the shelf life of masks is two years. For non-independently packaged masks, it is best to use them as soon as possible after unpacking, preferably no more than half a year. After unpacking, masks are very easy to breed bacteria. When buying masks, you must read the production date and shelf life clearly, and use them within the validity period.


   Masks will expire if they are not opened


   Generally, when buying masks, the expiration date is indicated on the packaging. Even if it is an unopened mask, it is not recommended to continue to use it after the expiration date. Because the packaging of masks is not completely vacuumed, bacteria will also start to multiply during long-term storage and produce some harmful substances, which will affect our bodies.

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