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Nowadays, n95 masks are very scarce. Although many people have n95 masks in their homes, but the number is small and they want to reuse them, some people will ask whether n95 masks can be washed? How to reuse n95 masks?


Can n95 masks be washed? 1 N95 masks cannot be washed. Nowadays, the filter cotton of many masks adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption. If it is cleaned, the structure of the filter cotton may be damaged. The protective effect of the n95 mask after cleaning will also be greatly reduced, and it will also affect the fit of the mask. If there is no replacement Masks can be sterilized with ultraviolet light or blow with hot air from a hair dryer for 5-10 minutes. Under normal circumstances, when any part of the n95 mask is found to be damaged, you should stop using the mask and replace it with a new one.


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Can n95 masks be scalded with boiling water? 2 It is not recommended to scald n95 masks with boiling water. The barrier layer in the middle of the n95 mask has the function of electrostatic adsorption, which can filter tiny particles. If it is scalded with boiling water, it will destroy the structure and function of the mask, which will reduce the filtering effect. Scalding with boiling water may also cause the mask to fail to restore to its original state. Therefore, it cannot fit well with the face, which will also affect the protective effect of the mask.


Can n95 masks be used repeatedly? 3 Under special circumstances, they can be used repeatedly, provided that the masks are intact and clean. In the following cases, new masks should be replaced in time. If the respiratory impedance of n95 masks increases significantly, the masks are damaged If the mask is worn on the face and cannot fit the face, the mask is contaminated, or has been exposed to sources of infection or droplets. In these cases, it is recommended to discard the mask and replace it with a new one in time.


How to reuse n95 mask 4 The inside of the mask is a layer of meltblown non-woven fabric, which is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber with electrostatic adsorption ability. When the breathing current passes through the non-woven fabric, the air passes through normally, and the dust in the air flies Foam will be adsorbed on the non-woven fabric by static electricity. Generally, if static electricity is present, dust and bacteria will be on it. However, if static electricity is exposed to water, the mask will not have electrostatic adsorption. Masks without electrostatic adsorption capacity have no protective effect. Therefore, masks are generally disinfected by dry heat, which can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays or dry baking. You can also put the mask on a radiator and bake it at a high temperature for half an hour. After dry heat disinfection, the mask can be reused.

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