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About Us



T&K have been developing medical devices since 1999. 

With eight subsidiaries operating across China. 





Shantou T&K Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd., specializes in the production of disposable medical devices, including disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, KN95/FFP2 protective masks, medical swabs, absorbent cotton balls and other disposable products, focusing on the manufacture and research of medical consumables and protective equipment.  We have:



● Compliance with ISO9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 quality management system

● Class 100k Clean Workshop

● Sterile Test Room

● Positive Control Room

● Microbial Limit Room

● Quality Management System That Strictly Adheres to GMP Requirements.



Our company upholds the corporate culture of “grace for health”.  As the leader of the tai era, the company endorses the enterprise philosophy of “Employee-oriented, quality as life, management as the focus, customer first”, and strictly adheres to the national laws and regulations, the requirements of relevant national standards, following the development idea of “scale and systematization”.  We take the market as a guide and strive to survive with our product quality.  We promote development with management, focus on building a modern medical device production base, with the ultimate goal to make outstanding contributions to people's health.



Honesty is the foundation of our development. To develop our business with integrity, honest operation and sincere cooperation, Taienkang keeps making progress for the better health business, establishes the leading comprehensive development mode of the times, treats every customer and employee with sincerity, it is also the foundation of the evergreen health industry.

Taienkang’s achievements are inseparable from people. As we are people-oriented, we cherish every employee, customer, partner and share holder; we take benevolence as the road of career development, accumulate for the health business, and strive to finally realize the future dream of better health.

We take innovative technology as a condition for career development, and to enhance the development level and height of the pharmaceutical industry; health is the meaning and motivation of our company’s existence, we will lead this glorious and great cause of health as an endless impetus for the progress and development of enterprises.

Taienkang treats its health business with "sincerity" and aims to become a leader in China’s health industry. It not only creates an era leading direction for the pharmaceutical health industry in terms of corporate performance, social responsibility, corporate cultural atmosphere, etc.

Behaving with sincerity, operating in good faith and cooperating sincerely, we have formed a business mode with long-term vitality. We are well-known at home and abroad for our careers, for creating products and services of high quality in the industry, and for our good social responsibility and reputation.

Integrity and trustworthiness are the professional qualities of Taienkang people, embodying the spirit of being honest and trustworthy with others; courage to change is the professional ability of Taienkang people, embodying the courage to challenge and pioneering spirit; caring for the best is the spiritual realm of Taienkang people, embodying the spirit of solidarity, friendship and kindness; excellence is the professional attitude of Taienkang people, embodying the spirit of exceeding excellence and professionalism.

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